Conformation Specialty

Evergreen Basenji Club’s Annual Specialty is held on AKC weekend #31 each year (normally the first weekend of August) at Argus Ranch Facility for Dogs. Our Friday specialty features Futurity, Maturity, Juniors, and Conformation followed by an African Match. On Saturday, we usually have Juniors, Conformation, and a Banquet in the evening. Western Washington Hound Association (WWHA) hosts back-to-back Hound group shows on Saturday and Sunday at the same site. This will allow you a choice of entering four shows on one weekend!

Don’t forget to nominate your dams and their puppies for Futurity!

Rally/Obedience Specialty

Each summer, we host the only regional Basenji Rally/Obedience specialty in the country.

Specialty Contacts


Specialty Chair


Auction Chair


Banquet Chair


Trophy Chair


Superintendent (Conformation Specialty)

BaRay Event Services, Inc. (Email:dogshows@barayevents.com)