Breeder Referral

The following breeders are members of the Evergreen Basenji Club and have agreed to be listed as a source of education and information on purchasing a Basenji. The Evergreen Basenji Club recommends you contact several of the breeders before you make a choice of owning a Basenji or you can email the Breeder Referral Chair, These breeders are members in good standing with the Evergreen Basenji Club, and subscribe to its Code of Ethics. However, the EBC does not guarantee the services of these breeders, and can not be involved in contractual agreements between breeder and buyer. The following health problems (probably genetic) can occur in Basenjis.

  • Fanconi (a debilitating kidney disease)

  • Eye problems

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Hemolytic Anemia (PK)

  • Thyroid

It is important for breeders to be knowledgeable about these health problems and the occurrence within their own pedigrees. Breeding stock should be tested and results for Fanconi, Hip dysplasia, PK and Thyroid can be found on the OFA website, More information on these Basenji health problems is available on the BCOA website.

Buyer Beware, there are many possible sources which one could obtain a Basenji puppy. Pet shops, Puppy mills, irresponsible breeders all seek to sell puppies for a profit. They make many promises and guarantees regarding health, quality and temperament which are not necessarily true, the results of which sometime end up in a rescue situation. The Evergreen Basenji Club, the Basenji Club of America, or other regional Basenji clubs place upon its memberships certain responsibilities through peer pressure or written documents such as a code of ethics. EBC does not recommend any breeder which does not belong to such an organization.

Breeder Referral